Local Texas Brochure Photo - 1 smallerWe are the local governments of Texas. We’re the people you know, and we’re the people working to earn your trust. We know the most important issues are the ones closest to home, right where we all live. When you’re looking for answers to local concerns, chances are we’re already working on solutions. We’re local folks with a local focus.


  • Empowers citizens to take action on behalf of their cities.
  • Engages citizens to actively participate in their local government.
  • Educates Texans about the value of local government.
Texas ranks among the lowest in the nation on many measures of civic participation. Now, more than ever, people do not have faith in their government thus, they are not engaged. Disapproval and disengagement at the state and federal levels is at an all-time high. That is not the case for local governments – cities and towns – the governments closest to and most liked by citizens. Although city government is the level of government that is first to respond to the needs of citizens, those citizens often have no idea what their cities do for them. Engaging citizens at the local level will create healthier, more robust cities. Local, Texas works to empower citizens to be more active in and on behalf of their local governments.

Texas ranked 51st in voter turnout in 2010 and 49th in the number of citizens who contact public officials, according to the Texas Civic Health Index released in June 2013 by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life. 

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Cities are taking the first steps to address issues that concern citizens most – water, transportation, and reliable infrastructure. These are important issues that other levels of government do not always address in a cohesive and productive manner. Through education, citizens and cities can find new ways to connect and re-engage in meaningful dialog about the value of local government.

This connection increases recognition of the mutual responsibility we share to make local government work for us all.

When citizens engage as partners in local government decisions, their confidence is restored in their local government and their city leaders.

Engaged and active citizens have a restored confidence in their local government and, in the process, become meaningful advocates for their local government.

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Local, Texas is key to changing negative public perception of local government in Texas:

  • Local government is held responsible for shortfalls created by state level budget cuts
  • Local government gets blamed for unfunded state and federal mandates
  • Local governments are unfairly hurt by anti-government sentiment

Local, Texas demonstrates that cities are not the problem, we are the solution.

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