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What is Local, Texas?


Local governments—cities and towns—are the governments closest to the people. Cities are the level of government that is first to respond to the needs of citizens. They provide the services that citizens want and need on a daily basis.

Media focuses a great deal of attention on the state and federal government. And, this focus leads to a negative perception of government at all levels. Recent studies show the general perception of local government is good, but a need exists to strengthen the connection between citizens and their local government.

Cities are the economic engine of the state, promoting economic growth, a positive quality of life, and accessibility, accountability, and transparency. They bring value to the state. Businesses relocate to Texas because of what our cities offer. With well-run cities providing the services that attract businesses and a quality of life that matters to their workers, the state has prospered.  Cities are taking the first steps to address issues that concern citizens—water, transportation, and reliable infrastructure.  These are important issues to citizens that other levels of government can’t seem to address in a cohesive and productive manner.

But, cities must connect with their citizens about why these issues matter and why working with local government can provide real results.  Education about cities is the key.

This connection through education will increase recognition of the mutual responsibility we share to make local government work for us all. When citizens feel they are partners in local government decisions, they will have restored confidence in their local government and their local government leaders.